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Learn How to Become a Freelance Web Designer

Your Guide to Becoming a Freelance Web Designer provides an honest look at the ins and outs of starting your own freelance design business. You’ll learn the pros and cons of starting your own business, the responsibilities involved and the pitfalls of working on your own.

This eBook is straightforward and written in an easy-to-understand manner. You don’t need to be a business expert to read it.

While the book is written with designers looking to launch their own business in mind, it also provides valuable advice to veteran freelancers.

If you’re looking to become a freelance web designer or developer, this eBook is for you!

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About the Author

Eric Karkovack

Eric Karkovack, author of “Your Guide to Becoming a Freelance Web Designer”

Eric Karkovack has been a professional web designer & developer since 1996.  Starting out at his local newspaper, he also worked for a handful of startups before launching his own freelance design business in January 1999.

Since then, his business has continued to grow.  He has worked with a wide variety of clientele from both small and large companies.

In 2006 (before social media hit the mainstream), Eric was featured in the book Citizen Marketers: When People Are The Message (ISBN 1419596063, Kaplan Publishing) by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. Eric’s section of the book recounts his experiences with, a website he co-developed to convince Coca-Cola to revive their SURGE soft drink. also brought Eric exposure in media outlets including The Associated Press, CNN, ABC News, WCBS Radio (New York City) and USA Today.

In recent years, Eric has become a huge fan of WordPress.  He even spoke about it at WordCamp Baltimore in September 2012.  In fact, much of his business now revolves around the popular content management/blogging platform.  He occasionally blogs about it at Speckyboy Design Magazine.

Eric lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter.  In his free time, he cheers hard for his beloved Baltimore Orioles, New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Flyers.

Contact Eric

Follow Eric on Twitter @karks88 or email him at webmaster at


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  • Table of Contents

    » Acknowledgements/About the Author
    » Introduction (aka What’s a Freelancer?)
    » Chapter 1: Why Become a Freelancer?
    » Chapter 2: It’s Not For Everyone
    » Chapter 3: Getting Started
    » Chapter 4: Handling Your Finances
    » Chapter 5: How to Find Clients
    » Chapter 6: When Hard Times Strike
    » Chapter 7: The Secret Sauce
    » Chapter 8: Putting it All Together
    » Questions or Comments?

    36 pages total